Healthcare Products

Medical consumables

Diagramm Halbach is your partner in the healthcare sector. The company's extensive product spectrum includes a wide range of expendable items associated with patient monitoring and functional diagnostics.

At a time when customers are streamlining their supply concepts in an effort to reduce process costs, Diagramm Halbach offers the ideal solution. Apart from medical recording papers, you can also purchase disposable electrodes, gel products, spirometry accessories and patients' headphones from a single source.

Diagramm Halbach is the leading retailer of products manufactured by Nessler (Swaromed ECG electrodes) and Parker (Aquasonic 100 Ultrasound Gel) and is therefore able to supply you with numerous premium products. Here too, non-OEM products offer a means of cutting costs. These particularly include Diagramm Halbach's proven Clinical ultrasound gel and defibrillation electrodes.

The product spectrum is rounded off by spirometry mouthpieces for pulmonary function testing (PFT), batteries and button cells, as well as electronic headphones for patients in clinics and hospitals.

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