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Patient wristbands offer safety and security

Use patient wristbands to identify and locate patients

The responsible agencies (WHO, the German Coalition for Patient Safety (APS), the EU Commission etc.) have good reasons for recommending the use of patient wristbands for unequivocal identification of patients, which is an essential element of a living patient safety and security concept in the day-to-day hospital routine. It must be possible to identify patients correctly in every conceivable situation, even if they are unconscious or unable to understand the local language.  The reasons for introducing patient wristbands may be varied: as a precautionary measure to prevent mistaken patient identity, to use RFID technology to locate patients and equipment, to avoid high third-party liability insurance premiums, to meet the requirements imposed by certification bodies etc.

What the responsible institutions have to say ...

LaserBand patient wristbands can be printed with a laser printer

Patient wristbands for laser and roll printers

You're already equipped with roll printers? Super. Diagramm Halbach's patient wristbands are also available in roll cartridges. You're not? That's fine as well. This is because Diagramm Halbach's laser-printable LaserBand  patient wristbands are compatible with your existing laser printers, e.g. for patient admissions. So there's no need to invest in new printers. And the best thing: you can combine a wristband with custom-format self-adhesive labels on an A4 sheet, enabling you to print the security wristbands and admission labels in a single operation. Or you can print the patient's consent form at the same time. Whichever solution you choose: Diagramm Halbach's patient wristbands can do more than most!

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Unique integrated protective film

Unique features include the integrated protective film

A close examination shows that the LaserBand patient wristband has been specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of the healthcare sector. When the wristband is separated from the printed sheet, it is accompanied by a self-laminating protective film that is simply pressed onto the printed patient information. This offers perfect protection for the printed data and ensures optimum scannability. The ends of the wristband are joined together by a double (!) adhesive closure. No clips, no pressure sores. Any attempt to open the security closure is immediately obvious. And actually: the strength of the wristband is a true security feature. It's good to know that, should the need arise, an extender has been integrated into each wristband, offering greater flexibility to accommodate bariatric patients.

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No restrictions on daily hygiene

Hygiene, skin tolerance, patients' acceptance

The  LaserBand patient wristband can withstand everything thanks to the self-laminating protective film: washing, showering, daily hygiene etc. It is completely resistant to scratching and liquids. Wristbands with this self-laminating protective film are also available in rolls for direct thermal printing. Nothing is left to be desired in terms of skin tolerance either. It goes without saying that LaserBand patient wristbands have been certified in accordance with biocompatibility and eudermic requirements. And there are soft foam cuffs to match the wristbands for patients with particularly sensitive skin (e.g. tissue-paper skin, newborn infants etc.). What do the patients say? Most of them approve of the idea of a hospital being aware of its responsibilities and possible error sources and implementing appropriate countermeasures. When interviewed, many patients said that the existence of a consistent patient identification system was certainly one of the criteria for choosing a particular Hospital.

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For babies and children as well

For adults, children, babies ...

Patient safety is a right – not a privilege. It goes without saying that the same applies to little and very tiny patients: all of the patient wristbands offered by Diagramm Halbach – supplied in rolls for direct thermal printing or on sheets for laser printing – are available in versions for adults, childen and babies. Bear this is mind because different versions are not offered by all suppliers. Furthermore:  LaserBand patient wristbands for babies consist of 2 bands. These are in accordance with the pertinent medical associations' recommendations, which state that a means of identification should be applied to a baby's arm and leg. 

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Anyone looking into the possibility of introducing patient wristbands as a secure and reliable means of identifying patients has loads of questions on his mind and has to take many aspects into consideration. Visit and you will find a great deal of background information on the choice of wristband, practical advice on their introduction from people who have already introduced them, certificates and statements concerning skin tolerance, questions relating to data protection and detailed information about the LaserBand patient wristbands, of course:

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