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Barcode label sets

Comprehensive range of standard labels in stock

Blank laboratory labels for sample identification

Diagramm Halbach's direct thermal labels are not only characterized by excellent adherence to tiny sample vials, a special wear-resistant layer also protects them against detrimental outside influences, such as scratching, liquids, alcohol, grease, creams etc.  Diagramm Halbach uses special materials that offer a means of producing rolls that carry more labels than would be possible with standard materials. That means less frequent roll replacement and streamlines the workflow during the day-to-day laboratory Routine.

Varicolor generates security in the daily routine

Varicolor laboratory labels: the clever alternative

Varicolor labels made by Diagramm Halbach. Both simply and efficient: all of the possible colours – e.g. of the vial caps – are printed on a label. When the patient's barcode is printed, all of the coloured sections that are not required are blacked out.  The result is a label bearing the required colour code. Without having to change rolls. This offers a means of reducing the risk of confusion considerably by comparison with the standard blank labels True added value for process reliability.

Optimum adhesion however tight the radius

Thermal labels for the most challenging demands

Labels designed for direct thermal printing have a certain thickness and stiffness by virtue of the various layers of paper (the colour former is already integrated into the paper). This can be particularly cumbersome with laboratory labels where the barcode is printed at right angles to the rolling direction because, if the barcode is applied to the sample vial, the resilience of the paper is often stronger than the adhesive. As a consequence, the labels stick out on either side of the vial and interfere with the routine sequence of operations. This can cause havoc in the preparation or execution of automated laboratory processes. Not with Diagramm Halbach's ThermoPharmTOP material, however. This premium-quality material has outstanding adhesive strength however small the radius. That's reliability for you.

Bulk business requires unambiguity

Thermal transfer labels for microbiological applications and many others

Thermal transfer labels that meet the special requirements of the microbiological laboratory and are capable of withstanding the prevailing temperatures and humidities are used here. Matched to the label material, the thermal transfer ribbon offers a means of producing wipe and scratch-resistant printouts for improved document security.  Special materials are also used in pathology, where samples, glass substrates and vessels are identified by means of precoded barcode labels. Reliably.

Laboratory labels: versatile and reliable

Laboratory labels for the most diverse applications

The labelling of sample vials is just one of the facets of the day-to-day laboratory routine. A plethora of samples and vessels require unambiguous identification markings according to the analytical spectrum. Although the tasks are multifarious – in-house coding of sent-in materials within the framework of fast data entry, labelling solid or liquid samples, vessels, containers, bags etc. – they have one thing in common and that is that the day-to-day clinical routine counts on the reliability of the identification labels. Diagramm Halbach's self-adhesive products acquaint you with the cost-effective aspect of reliability. Click here for information on barcode Label sets ...

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