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Reliable document reader forms for the daily routine

Laboratory order forms for document readers

In the day-to-day hospital routine, orders for services may be controlled in a paperless procedure or with documents. In this case, machine-readable order documents are used. The required services are indicated by means of marks, which are read into the document reader (OMR OpticalMarkRecognition). This technology is characterized by its formidable robustness. The documents are given their colourful appearance by using dyes that have been matched to the reading element of the respective document reader (predominantly red light, infrared in isolated cases). The distinctive features of this type of document are the timing and tick marks in the side margins, which indicate the correct position for the document reader. Applied sample labels and forms are carefully matched to one another.

Scannable forms for flexible data acquisition

Scannable forms for laboratory services

Scannable forms are more efficient and more flexible. Although they have no need for any timing marks in the margins, some of the systems available on the market use these timing marks for orientation within the form. It goes without saying that scannable forms can also be produced with applied sample labels and appropriate precoding. The requirements for colour printing imposed by the scanning devices are taken into consideration here as well. 

Acquisition forms with integrated sample labels

Perfect adhesion

As far as laboratory order forms and scannable forms with applied sample labels are concerned, special attention is given to the choice of material for the self-adhesive labels. Although firmly connected to the order document, they can be detached quickly and easily. However, the sample label still has to face its main challenge: as a rule, it will be applied to the sample vial edgewise, across the grain of the paper. The resilience of the paper in this direction is so pronounced that a strong adhesive is required in order to compensate for it. Diagramm Halbach relies on time-tested materials of the very best quality. 

Closely meshed controls throughout the manufacturing process

Automatic production monitoring

Perfect coordination of all components is the main thing as far as machine-readable order forms – for scanners or document readers – are concerned, to ensure that colours on the sample labels match those on the order form, for example. The same applies to the variable order number printed on them, of course. The number on the label must be the same as the number on the form, which means that they must be printed online in a single operation. Additional automatic monitoring systems support quality assurance throughout the production process. Special papers and inks ensure that the labels and documents can be processed by the reading devices. Click here for information on blood bag labels ...

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